You will attain the best and enjoy work experience with Cosmocrat Software Solutions Family.

The Cosmocrat family will not leave you bored and you would enjoy yourself with the team. It is both refreshing and pleasant to work at Cosmocrat. We totally believe in valuing human resources, encouraging a stable and healthy work-life balance and we ensure to create an environment where employees would look forward eagerly every day to work and love what they do. We provide our employees:

Work From Home
We understand the ongoing situations and hence allow our employees to have their personal time with work.
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Overtime Allowance
We value the overtime done by the employees hence, it is paid off financially or time off, depending upon whatever prioritized by their family.
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Standard Leave Policies
Organize your personal events based on privilege, casual, sick and compensatory leave as per the policies.
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Half Saturday
Weekends are provided with half Saturdays to promote work-life and mental peace balance.
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Expert practical training and learning from experienced mentors.
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Rewards and awards
Regular evaluation and appreciation of the performance.
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Recreational Activities
Recreational activities & team building workshops as well as indoor & outdoor sports.
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Festivals Holidays
Predeclared holidays list to plan your festivities early and enjoy with family.
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Covid-19 Leave
We incorporated special leave prerequisites in Internal Policy exclusively for COVID-19 reasons.
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Annual Trip
A break from work and a memorable trip with colleagues makes the working environment light & integrated.