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Are Blogs Effective For Marketing Growth?
23 Nov 2021

Are Blogs Effective For Marketing Growth?

You are living under a rock if you are not aware of blogging. Even if you are, don’t worry this blog will open your eyes to the fact why blogging plays an important role in marketing and social growth.

What is a blog?

Essentially, blogs are online journals in which brief information about a particular topic is shared. Blogs can be about anything and everything in this world you can think of.

Through blogs, one can provide all the details regarding any topics in a particular format they want. Blogs give the space to write your heart out in your language without any restriction especially if you have your blog page. While businesses can have some specific orders in which they want to publish their blogs usually topics are also related to products/services provided by them.

Where are blogs published?

Generally, blogs are published on a website. The websites can be either specifically for blog posting or any business website. Companies usually have their websites within a section blog wherein anyone can have access to read it and also gets the desired knowledge about them and their work. The blogs only revolve around their work which in turn is a great way to help expand the business as it allows providing reach.

How do blogs benefit business growth?

Business blogging, project blogging, or any other blogging that might increase your income has one purpose - to rank your website higher in Google, increasing your visibility and profits. Some of the major benefits your business can acquire from blogs are-

  • Audience engagement- Nowadays users can find all the information with one click hence if your content is engaging and covers all the necessary points it keeps them engaging and they will keep returning to read your newest blog. Look out for your audience type are they interested in long format blogs, if yes then do not add repetitive stuff get your research done and prepare your content with genuine points. For short format, you stick to the main and most effective content that provides details within a few sentences.

  • Attracts new clients- If you use the right keywords and put your SEO game strongly it is believed you’ll appear on top of google searches and that’s how you attract new clients by ensuring your work reaches the right audiences. Generally, users put questions or small keywords for their queries make sure you are adding them in your blog so that they can be directed to your blog directly. Using SEO on your website gives search engines such as Google a reason to revisit your website and find new content.

  • Social Media Promotions- Sharing blogs on all your socials is an effective way to redirect people to your website and also promote your business services and products. Best way to spread the word about your services and products and also build long-time bonds with trust and reliability. You will notice that the trafficking has gradually increased with your social media engagement. It’s pretty obvious if they like your content on social media they will stalk you everywhere else to see more of your content.

  • Promote your products through blogs- These days many businesses prefer to advertise through a series of articles instead of an old-school advertisement. Consumers are also getting a little tired of conventional marketing and advertising methods, so being creative with how you present your services is essential for any modern business.


Your content should be knowledgeable, accurate, helpful, reader-friendly, and should encourage people to give a thought to getting those services or products. Under current digital and marketing conditions, blogging is imperative for business ventures. It does not reduce the value of what a blog can do for your brand even with the development of other creative tools to support your visibility and advance your services. Blogs are a great way to pave your way on website traffic, grow your audience, and attract new customers

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