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Blockchain and Digital Marketing
28 Feb 2022

Blockchain and Digital Marketing

If you are new to the technological world and come across the word Blockchain and are wondering what it is and how does it work? No worries we got you!

Blockchain is a widely used term in the Digital World and if you are interested in investment, banking, or finance blockchain is just the right thing for you.

Looking at the prevailing conditions of the internet, the world has been dealing with major fraudulent cases. With blockchain, you can ensure that you are surfing safely over the internet. It provides protection against data breaches which means all the information is encrypted between the two parties. However, it is mainly used in the finance and banking sector but the world of Digital Marketing has also been quite benefiting from it’s amazing features.

How has it impacted Digital Marketing?

  • Authenticity and transparency

  • With blockchain, you will receive detailed information on everything you are considering getting for yourself. Customers are really smart these days and hence usually they go through all the information. If you are purchasing a product with the help of blockchain you will have full transparency of where it was manufactured the ingredients used and etc. Throughout the process, it will track and verify every step and document every detail. It will also make sure that the information is available through an open network.

  • Avoid Keyword Inconsistency

  • As a marketer, it gets really difficult to have a track of all the keywords, especially in this every day changing Google algorithm, which makes it all the way more difficult. Blockchains can find real numbers to get you to track keywords. The keyword position tracking is possible regardless of the device and the location. By using this data, you can create more precise advertising campaigns.

  • Generating accurate leads

  • Marketers usually collect data and then run campaigns to convert it into leads. This is not just a lengthy process but also invites untargeted audiences. The data is usually inaccurate. Blockchain can provide a great set of data that is accurate as well as proves to be beneficial. Blockchains are usually decentralized which means that you will directly be connecting with consumers without any mediator which is a great way of increasing ROI for any business. You will acquire highly accurate data from customers themselves. Consumers who were willing to provide their data to your brand were already likely interested in your products/services. Thus, if you have access to a customer base that is ready to spend, you can score more leads and convert them easier.

  • No more fraud Ads

  • In the marketing field of advertisement, frauds are pretty common which are usually to get faster and more consistent clicks. When you opt for a trusted blockchain it will help in ensuring that you receive authentic clicks and ad impressions throughout the campaign. A key goal of theirs is to reduce ad fraud and lack of transparency. Further, the platform ensures full transparency of all data from beginning to end. The traditional advertising space currently lacks this feature.

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