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Podcasts and it’s importance in Digital Marketing
05 Jan 2022

Podcasts and it’s importance in Digital Marketing

Podcasts, a new innovation in the Digital Age, have been doing the round everywhere for all the right reasons. Many of us are not even aware that a thing like podcasts even exist. In this blog post.

We will shed some light on what makes podcasts great and why they are so popular today.

A digitally programmable and formatted series of episodes that features a specific theme like fashion, life stories, technology, start-ups, food, and many more other things.

In early 2013, podcasts became popular and have gained considerable popularity ever since! However, podcasts can also be very useful for the growth of your business if used effectively.

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Here are some reasons on why Podcasts are a great tool for digital marketing

Engaging Unlike any other medium, podcasts are easy to access and can be heard anytime and from anywhere they do not require much effort. You can listen to them while cooking, traveling, or any other time when you feel like it. Podcasts are kind of like online radios. The audience can easily keep a track of the podcasts and that is why it is getting really popular.

The brands constantly do not need to keep trying to reach the target audience. Subscribers will be able to download the latest episodes upon release on their preferred devices. Podcast listeners also spend more than 25% of their time listening to Podcasts, so podcasts generate active engagement as well. For this reason, podcasts have become more prominent than they were before.

No barrier
Podcasts do not require any specific place to create them. The best part of podcasts is that it is really versatile and can be made from anywhere. Some people make podcasts from their studios or home and even from the streets. It only requires a small amount of investment to get started in podcasts. There is no barrier to what topic or theme you choose to prepare content.

Drive traffic and boost seo
Transcripts should always be included with each episode of a podcast you host. In doing so, you will have more opportunities to use keywords, which increases the chances of driving more traffic to your website. The links though can be added again to website. Podcast titles and descriptions can be managed with the keyword! Episode’s transcript can be also added to the blogs so that users can be direted to your website.

Attract new audience
Your audience can benefit from the knowledge you share through podcasts. A podcast can be placed on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and many other platforms. By doing so, you can reach potential listeners and viewers who are interested in your content. A new target audience can be created in this way. The new audience will love your work and will be interested in your products.

Podcasts are more creative
Due to the fact that podcasts do not follow federal law guidelines for content, podcasts are more creative than radio shows. Hence, the content and commercials of podcasts can be more creative. This is the unique aspect of podcast advertising. Ads are read in the tone of the show, which sounds different from what one would normally hear in a promotional message.

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