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How Do You Determine The Valuation of a Digital Advertising Agency
29 Aug 2022

How Do You Determine The Valuation of a Digital Advertising Agency


Advertising plays a significant role in business growth of any organization. These are the one who puts the business ventures rolling with due publicity on multiple available channels. A significant growth for on line advertising agencies was noticed during the pandemic. It is import to know the financial aspect of a business which is helps for deciding to continue or sell the business. The valuation requires the proper expertise for correct estimation of revenue generation and recurring investment for an advertising agency. The valuation is done by the experts. The valuation is also required for the loan processing in the financial agencies and banks.

Process of valuation:

Be it a buyer or the seller the business appraisal provides the basis for price negotiation. A seller can quote a price and buyer can offer the price. The stage reaches for negotiation with potential and serous buyers and the seller. The deal is finalized after negotiations and the transfer of business take plane legally.

A valuation expert for valuation of an advertising agency makes, use of certain valuation multiples stated below:-

SDE Multiple:

A valuation multiple is defined as a ratio for comparing two components, which are the contributors for the business deal to finalize. SDE provides the comparison between the present earning potential through the business and the market value of the business. This multiple is used to decide the range while multiple of sellers advertising agency and that of the recently sold out advertising agencies in the market.

To understand it better if we consider the SDE multiple of existing business as ‘X’. Then a multiple is chosen for this method of valuation in the range of 2.11 to 3.64 times of X for implied value calculation.

The basis for multiple selections is through the range of revenue generation.

For example if revenue generation for an advertising company is 3.2 Millions, then a multiple 2.75 if selected the implied value will be : 3.2 x 2.70 = 8.64 Millions.

EBITDA Multiple:

The average range for EBITDA multiple is taken between 3.53 to 12.34 times of X for implied value calculation. This is used for the Return on Investment (ROI) of the company. ROI is the deciding factor for the investors and buyers so this indicator is essentially used by the evaluators.

REV Multiple:

this is the multiple which takes into consideration the revenue generated through the sales. This multiple is in the range of 0.40 to 1.68 times of X for implied value calculation.

If the revenue generation of the advertising agency is 10 million a multiple is chosen as 0.82 then the worth of the agency is:

10 x 0.82 = 8.2 Millions.

The majority of deals are finalized on the basis of SDE and EBITDA multiple. But in some cases the Revenue multiple is proved to be vital for the deal finalization. A proper reflection of these multiples is to be estimated and the decision is based on the outcome of these relevant calculations.


The operation of a business is with an interest of making profit and leading the competition in the market. The decision of selling the business in some of the cases is required due to the financial liabilities or the varied interests of successors. In order to get the due monetization the proper evaluation is must for the seller and buyer both. The buying some times can be done at the higher value also depending upon the specific interest of the buyer being the leader of increase the market share and having higher holding in the specific business sector.

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