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LinkedIn, how to use and utilize it for business and career?
11 Jan 2023

LinkedIn, how to use and utilize it for business and career?

What is LinkedIn and How Can I Use It?

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is primarily made for building networks with people and businesses whom you can trust professionally later also for career development and connecting job seekers to companies and companies to them. It was founded by Reid Hoffman and later owned by Microsoft in 2016. The platform is available both as an app and website to be used and accessed.

Facts about LinkedIn –

  • The platform has over 8.3 crores registered users with 5.8 crores registered companies from over two hundred countries and 9.6 crores of them are from India.

  • Forty-four percent of LinkedIn users earn over sixty lakhs per year.

  • 5.2 crores people searching for Jobs on LinkedIn & 77% of recruiters use LinkedIn daily. 12.2 million fixed their interview and over 3.5 crores got hired via LinkedIn. Every minute 6 people get hired via LinkedIn.

  • Among Facebook with 0.77% and Twitter with 0.69% LinkedIn with 2.77% is the highest leads-generating platform.

  • 61% of people on LinkedIn have a bachelor's or higher degree which is the highest on any social media platform.

How Does it work?

By far, you know LinkedIn and why you can consider it for yourself and your business. How is it work? Let us dive in now!

1. Profile: It is something you start customizing from the time you register on the platform. Signup via google is suggested then. You set your Photo and cover photo. You should write the name that you would use professionally. You add a tagline that will be seen as your professional niche. It gives you the ability to add your education, experience, About you description, Skills, and Language.

2. Networks: From here you can build connections from your contacts using LinkedIn. Search for other people follow them and make a group among your networks. You can also follow events and news updates from your connections and followed users. You can make your page and follow someone else’s. Just like Instagram, you have a hashtag system with the same functionality.

3. Jobs: This Option will help you find a job for you among linked users and companies. Additionally, you can assess your skill and get a budget that will be added to your profile for people to see for further opportunities. It gives a selection to help a person prepare for an interview, and a Job seeker's guidance tool as well. You customize job search settings according to your preference. You can also post Jobs for your organization. The premium insight is a very helpful tool to both Job seekers and recruiters but is only available to premium users.

4. Instant and private messaging: Is allowed among your networks and connections. But for texting to Not Connected people you must buy premium.

5. On Notification: You get alerts, activities updates, and posts related to stuff

6. Post: You can post photos, and videos, add a document, celebrate an occasion, share that you are hiring, find an expert, create a poll, or offer on/for something. You can decide on the public; Anyone, Connections, or No one. On the post of others, You Comment, react like with LinkedIn custom emojis, Repost, Send, Apply, Answer, and even give a vote on a poll.

Other options –

Advertisement: You can also Advertise for products, companies, or content. It is very crucial aspects when doing business. Whether you use social media or merely search engines, Advertisement for your business can scale your business and give product and services increased sales. Therefore, taking help from Digital Advertising Agency will help your ads to be more effective and results oriented.

Find Leads Gen Ads: It is a tool to leverage your lead production via the help of LinkedIn pre-filled forms. It gives you complete and right leads for your ads. People sign up or apply and it turns their data into pre-filled forms. The targeting audience is also zoomed in here.

Service Marketplace: A helpful search tool if you are looking for a person to work on your project or be the person to get the project to work.

Last but not the least, Learning is available to premium users only, a selection dedicated to helping you with professional courses to upskill your career and enhance your knowledge. The platform helps you to work on your low skills areas by evaluating your previous applications and giving insight into them. They also give completion certificates.

Other than Seeking Jobs & Hiring, you post status updates to gain a reputation among the professional people in your industry and peers. Your articles & posts can be a part of LinkedIn newsletters so that you spread knowledge and get noticed and appraised. You may also get skill endorsements from co-workers, clients, and colleagues that function as recommendations for future employers.

Linked Premium

Even though it is a completely free platform for all, but you are provided with more robust features when you take premium membership on LinkedIn. Some major ones are who viewed a profile, Sent in Mails (Without connection messaging), View Expanded profile, Depth insights, Premium content, and Learning Option enabled. Premiums are highly useful to businesses as it puts multiple profiles in one centralized dashboard. You can look at everyone who view your profile in the last 90 days, and they can send and receive messages from anyone.

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