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Marketers Approach for Redesigned Facebook
07 Sep 2022

Marketers Approach for Redesigned Facebook

Facebook is most popular social media platform. Its popularity is reflected by the users, as high as 2.93 billion. In July Mark Zukerberg hinted for news feed of Facebook. The Facebook News feed is now spitted in two tabs:- The Home Tab and Feeds Tab.

The content on Home Tab is recommended to the users according to their activities on the App. The Feeds Tab provides the content which is from the people, groups and media pages followed by the user. The redesigning is done with intent to make it simple and easy for the users to get their desired and favorite content.

This will keep the Facebook in competition with TikTok. The For You Page of TikTok makes use of the interest of user to show the content on subsequent pages to appear only from the pages the user regularly follows.

Facebook is potential marketing platform. The Facebook news feed is highly relevant for digital marketers to get the audience and also it is easy to maintain the audience on it.

After pandemic there is an increase in the creator market place. It means Facebook need to be in cut throat competition with creator tools like TikTok, Linkedln, Pinterest and Instagram.

Facebook Home Tab:

The user gets it as a first tab on opening App. Home tab will provide the content the user is habituated to follow these can be the posts from peers, friends and relatives. The content is ranked in order which is more relevant to the specific user. Home tab content priority goes to Reel and Stories.

Facebook Feeds Tab:

This shows the content from the groups, communities and pages followed by the user. Ads are also shown on Feeds. So Feeds tab is the most potential to give a boost of marketer’s product and brand. The focus is to be kept on the audience already connected and need to be delighted.

Marketer’s Approach:

Digital Marketers are recommended to act in the following manner, in order to get positive response through the media in its new version.

  • Audience reach is to be increased and the content is to be designed according to their taste.
  • Facebook Groups creation according to audience interest is the key for marketing. The reach increases as the group size increases.
  • The feeds contain sections like – All, Friends, Groups, Favorites and Pages. In order to get the content on All and Favorite sections posting the contents to keep the audience engaged regularly which should be in the form of short videos, live streams and polls etc. this will ensure the appearance of product or brand in the All section on regular basis.
  • There are certain adjustments which will be required for social media campaign by the Marketers. These adjustments are not going to be typical and easily be made.
  • As a result of surveys conducted short – form video is most effective in social media marketing so a judicious use of this tactics will yield to high results. The impact of live stream and Reels cannot be ruled out.
  • The posting of Reel to Instagram through App and automatically share it on Facebook once asked by App it should be done to have a better reach.


it is not possible of any social media platform to bring the changes at the expense of Digital Marketers interest, so this change needs to welcomed and the approach is needed to be varied a bit.

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