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Why twitter is an excellent choice for your business?
06 Jan 2023

Why twitter is an excellent choice for your business?

Twitter is part of the social media platform. These platforms are designed to connect people all over the world, far or near. Some of the popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many others.

They do have some of them that have few similarities like photo sharing, texting, posting, and so on. But they are all unique from each other and each one is used for different purposes, by different people and by different people.

If you want to reach a wide range of people as a business, then these platforms are very helpful. There are
online marketing websites that can help you do your social media marketing very well by guiding you to the right practices and giving your good service to boost your business on any given platform.

Among these platforms of social media, Twitter is a microblogging service that is a mix of blogging and text messaging. Like other social media platforms, Twitter gives features like posting, sharing, giving likes, and replying to tweets with short messages. The content you post, or tweet can have text, videos, images, and links. If you do not have an account on tweeter, you then only read tweets of other people.

Why do people use it?

People consider twitter platforms for several reasons but some of the significant ones are getting the latest updates and promotions from the brands, talking to friends, follow business leaders, politicians, and celebrities. They also use it to get the latest news and events updates. Twitter has shown to be the first source of news over time. The platform is used to share information quickly because people can see tweets in real-time and those tweets that are posted on the Twitter website stay there permanently, they are easy to find by people and you cannot edit them but only delete them. Though it does give the ability up to 30mins to edit your tweet only to blue tick people in a few countries only. That is why tweeter stands more authentic than other social media.

Here we have Twitter, an another player in social media. Let's know some quick facts about Twitter.

  1. There are 229 million registered users on tweeter
  2. 59.2% of people are from 25-49. More youth and mature audience
  3. It is a very popular platform among B2B marketers as 67% of them use Twitter
  4. It has 3 times more visitors than its registered users.
  5. 78% of engagement rate which is 10 times more than Instagram and 40 times more than Facebook
  6. People on Twitter 2nd the most educated people. 1st is the LinkedIn social media platform.

Benefits of Using Twitter for business

  1. Help boost site traffic
  2. Great place to promote and showcase your brand and product
  3. Develop a strong community
  4. Very helpful as a customer support channel
  5. 53% of Twitter users are inclined to buy what they find on Twitter.
  6. Gives insightful analytics
  7. It gives you very affordable and efficient ads running options on the platform
  8. You can build a good audience and grow your connections, influence, and business.

It increases the trust through the verification process so that people can trust a person, business, or brand for authentic. Twitter gives you more professionalized, highly organized, and more open than any other social media. It is a good place for startups and small businesses but at the same time, you have big businesses and personalities on Twitter.

Do You want more effective on Twitter or any other platform? Hiring an online marketing expert will help you to boost your content quality and reach so that your business can thrive and get profit out of these platforms.

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