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Tips for sending your clients winning proposals
04 Feb 2022

Tips for sending your clients winning proposals

As a freelancer or business owner especially in B2B marketing, we are always looking to pitch clients. If you are looking for how to write an email to send a proposal to clients here are some tips that will help you further.

Usually, people prefer cold emailing as it is generally one of the most widely applied strategies which have also proved to be beneficial many times and are still somehow effective. But it purely depends on how you implement it. If used in the right way it can be really useful.

Before moving forward let us find out what a business email proposal means.

What is a Business Proposal Email?

The business proposal is generally sent at the beginning of a sales funnel to the potential client. It is also a kind of agreement that describes the services your business will provide the client, along with a brief report of all the negotiations you had with them.

Wondering How To Write an Effective Business Proposal Email

A business proposal is the last step before you lock a deal hence, it is really crucial that there are no mistakes. How you present it to a prospect decides whether or not you'll seal the deal even if you have already talked to them face to face or over a mail.

With this, let us look at some ways you can master the sending of proposals to prospects swiftly.
1. Be clear

When you are sending a proposal email there is some important information that your clients would need. Your proposal email should include-

  • A short description of your business proposal
  • Brief cost estimate
  • Timeline
  • Provisions
  • Details about your content

Your proposal should describe clearly what the client will be getting into if they work with you.

2. Do your research

Never skip researching the prospects before sending a proposal email. The most common mistake people make while sending proposals. It should feel like it has been specially crafted to look after their business and not the same old proposal that is shared with dozens of companies.

Take your time to understand the company's status, look after their success and failures, and their expectations from your services or products.

You’ll get a great idea of preparing the prospectus once you have the knowledge about them and what they need while adding your vision to it too. That's how they will feel much more connected to your business.

3. Share your skills

Even if you are skillful there might be a possibility that one specific project is not fully in your domain or you might not have all the relevant skills for the same. However, you should not let such an opportunity go away rather use your remaining skills that can be suited to this project. Form a proposal sharing your experiences and how your skills are relevant to the job. Keep an organized note of the references of your clients before sharing. The clients want to know how you can solve their problems and for that you should be clear about your skills.

4. Move fast

A request for proposals you saw online and reverting to them quickly can help you get the gig whether you met the client in person or only saw it online. Your chances of getting hired are high when you respond to it fast. The proposal should be submitted within 24 hours so that the client feels how much you are considering their work.

A fast-paced movement indicates a passion for your work. Furthermore, many clients are busy and would like this to be concluded as soon as possible.

5. Keep it short

Your prospects do not have so much time to read big words about your exceptional work in the past. Always keep your proposal short, to the point, meaningful to their business, and crisp.

Add headlines, lists, graphs, and images if required to make it look more interesting to go through.

Keep track of your winning business proposal

It is important to follow through when you are trying to impress a new client. The proposal is often just the beginning of your business relationship.

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