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How Digital marketing and Social Media Marketing are different
15 Oct 2022

How Digital marketing and Social Media Marketing are different

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are really in trend everybody talks about and in influenced by too. To understand the marginal difference between the two first let us get acquaint with the typical definition of Digital which means to reach to bulk audience either online or offline. Google and Amazon are most talked about Digital Media Platforms. Social media is a variety of digital media but it is limited to online platforms like FB, Twitter and YT.

The most popular Digital Marketing types are: - SEO Optimization, Email Marketing, Pay- Per – Click, Mobile Marketing, content marketing and Affiliate Marketing. The term digital marketing is a broader term in respect to social media Marketing as at most of the time social media Marketing is understood a part of Digital marketing.

So we can say that Digital Marketing includes all activities related to marketing encompassing Social Media Marketing, which is focussed on the marketing on Social Media Platforms only. Three types of digital media are commonly used: - Owned Media, Earned Media and Paid Media for Digital Marketing activities.

Purpose, Tools and Approaches:

Digital marketing purpose is to exploit a variety of available digital channels to establish brand through customer awareness and their trust which in turns provides a boost to the sales and hence the turn over as well as market share and profit enhancement. The team members of strategies formulation are responsible for periodic evaluation of different approaches adopted for campaigns and adopt the most appropriate approach for effective results. These approaches may not be the same for all types of the business so the selection of right set of approaches is vital to yield results. The different prominent tools are SEO tools, Content Creation Tools, Website Analytics, Paid social media and all other possible.

As with the ongoing discussion it is clear that the approach of Social Media Marketing team is centred to the best exploiting the Social Media Platforms like: Facebook, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Snapchats, YT, Twitter and Insta. It is again to be mentioned over here that all the tools stated are not necessarily fitting for the promotion of every business and product. A judicious use of combination on the basis of previous analysis and results are to be used keeping in mind the business and product range. The different platforms for social media attract different age groups so the targeted audience can be reached with proper analysis of taste and utility of the product accordingly. The precise approach is more vital for better results. Vital SMM strategies are as listed below:-

  • Keeping the customer engaged
  • Supports from Industry Influencers
  • Periodic contests and Giveaway
  • Follower analysis
  • Paid and Organic marketing
  • Attention catching content.

The right strategy suiting to the product and business is to be adopted for achieving the goals by Social Media Marketing team.


Social media marketing is not only potential but an essential component in Digital marketing. A digital marketing service agency must understand and be able to potentially use the same for the proper engagement of customers with the relevant brand and business which is crucial in generating good business and yield in lieu for the profit making.

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