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Ways to grow leads through B2B Email Marketing
08 Dec 2022

Ways to grow leads through B2B Email Marketing

Business-to-business (B2B) email marketing is Online Marketing and a type of marketing in which you send email campaigns to businesses instead of individual buyers. Email marketing is sending a commercial text, typically to a group of people, using email. Broadly speaking, In digital marketing, email is sent to a potential or current customer that involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations.

Why choose email marketing?

Because 3.2 billion people use Social Media and the Email users are 4.6 billion. Email is a key to the web and in a sense a gateway to your online presence. That’s why using this platform for beneficial for any business.

People receive approximately 306 billion E-mails every day (according to for your mail to be effective, you may need a digital advertising agency to help you with the Task.

We have a few tips that can make our e-mails effective and lead generative.

1. Recipients: Your email list must have active emails. While choosing mail make your connected customers and contacts a priority. Don't use unethical ways to get emails and get yourself in their spam list such as, buying them or using software or web-bot.

2. Subject: Choose a subject that is catchy and attention-grabbing. Do this by specifically mentioning the main purpose, creating a sense of urgency, being funny, engaging, enticing, and cool, and you can give and mention incentive to the recipient.

3. Create a Template: Use a customized and catchy style of presenting your message. Use a Background color that matches your website and your logo. Add good pictures with visual and formatted text.

4. Call to action hyperlink text: Make it Catchy and Super easy for customers to navigate to the website or service. Have multiple hyperlinks, one for your main message and a few others for sub-links with post previews so that customers get connected to the product or the company on an active level.

5. Be Conversational & Relative: People make choices on something that feels personal to them. They tend to get the information and act on it as your message comes to life via conversational writing as if someone is talking to them through text.

6. A/B test your emails: Make to draft of the mail and send it to two groups of people list (Smaller than the original list) and see which draft is more effective and use it for the final mail campaign.

7. Follow email or spam regulations: The CAN-SPAM Act is a guide to email compliance that businesses ignoring can get into big trouble for. If it is guided by an online marketing expert. It can save you big fines.

Few ways to avoid fines for breaking regulations.

- Don’t buy email lists
- Provide privacy policy information upfront
- Don’t use deceptive language in your emails
- Provide mailing address information in your emails

8. Tracking & Follow-up: When you use an Email Tracking web tool like You have access to features like tracking progress so make sure tracking is selected. How many have really seen your mail and how many have clicked on links you've put in your mail. This will help you determine what works and doesn’t when you’re ready to send the next message.

9. Sender and Contact Person (People): Make sure, that your sender mail is a real person and not like [email protected]. Having a good follow-up person or a team is very necessary who is/are good in talking and sales and very active to respond to customer and their queries.

All of these things if followed or implied properly can give a good amount of leads for our business and product sales. Connect to a digital advertising agency as it helps you to make your email marketing give good results.

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